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The Global Babbler is about free speech first and foremost. We welcome anyone interested in voicing their opinion about any article in the commentary box. But please use some plausible discretion when responding.

We’d like to hear from songwriters, novelists, screenwriters, how-to writers, horror writers, poets, literary agents, educators, scientists, almost anyone who is associated in some way with writing or academics, whether professionally or nonprofessionally.

Those who pitch their songs online to artists are encouraged to comment at the blog page. We look forward to your personal experiences, as commentators, in offering to those who seek out advice on the subject of writing. Novelists as well... are highly encouraged to lend a helping hand in the field of advice. Politics, economics, foreign affairs, women’s issues, human rights, the global environment, alternative energy, lets talk about it all.

I am a professional songwriter and member of BMI, self published novelist, also have some pieces in poetry published online and would certainly like to hear from any writer, whether professional or nonprofessional, with/without a website, who would be willing to share industry secrets that would succor would-be writers, such as myself, who wants to get their novels, poetry, articles, short stories, blogs online (ebooks)/published by a reputable publisher.

One of the big changes in the twenty-first century for writers is publishing online. Such online stores as,, Barnes &, can make potential novice-writer's chances, greater and even more competitive, since these online bookstores reach a huge customer base all over the world. This sort of outlet does not pale in comparison to the standard brick and mortar publishing houses, because they are still a viable resource for authors, moreover these publishing houses are slowly changing  methologies to be more competitive.  

This means that the old ways of publishing nevertheless are now taking a back seat to the power of the Internet, and so... brick and mortal publishing houses have focused their attention on online publishing in multiple formats as well as expansion overseas. FANTASTIC… . Wouldn’t you agree?

I recommend you visit the Predators & Editors website and First writer’s and familiarize yourself with them if you haven’t already.  It’s always better safe than sorry.

We support education and would like to recommend these websites:, and for those of you interested in quantum mechanics.   

Well now... I hope you will visit the web site. And thanks for stopping by.

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